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  • 30.01.2010
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Vaginal spotting during bowel movement

The past 2 months ive had vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement ranging from light spotting to bright red (definitely vaginal i put a tampon in. Irregular vaginal bleeding; Abnormal vaginal discharge; Bleeding during intercourse Bleeding with urination or bowel movements; Pelvic, back or leg pain. Vaginal bleeding or spotting during pregnancy I was straining to have the bowel movement and then when I wiped there was some pink. Aug 03,  · Vaginal bleeding after bowel movement BLEEDING AFTER BOWEL MOVEMENT Flat bowel movements Bowel Movements every morning. Itching after bowel movements constant bowel movements No Bowel Movements nausea and vomiting during bowel movements bleeding from buttocks after bowel movment Bloody Bowel Movements and Gas Sick of bleeding so heavy!!!! Bleeding after bowel movement Bowel Movements and Autism Bleeding after Bowel Movements. Jan 27,  · Bleeding During Bowel Movement. Fistula: A whitish discharge or blood discharge can be caused due to fistula, which is an abnormal burrowing channel, running from the rectum to the skin around the anus. There can be chronic inflammation of other parts of the intestine, known as Crohn's disease, associated with fistula beanporno.info: Leena Palande. I'm about 16 weeks pregnant. I've been having vaginal bleeding with bowel movement for the past months. It's bright red bleeding with small clots. It happens to me once every days. I also got similar bleeding after intercourses in the first trimeter (I don't do that now).
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