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  • 15.01.2010
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Using nair on vagina

If you want quick and easy results for cheap, try using Nair as a hair remover for your bikini Avoid getting any Nair inside the vaginal canal or near your rectum; . There are all sorts of struggles that come along with being a woman. Thanks to the unrealistic beauty standards of society, we've been trained. But let's get real here: with all that slippery cream involved it's easy to mess things up, so what happens when you get it wrong and a little Veet. When you used Nair on your girly parts, you got some in your vagina, and it burned out your mucus lining and probably your extremely delicate skin inside your vagina. 1.i wouldn't recommend nair on your vagina because it may cause irritation. nair is mainly used for chest, arms, legs, ect. if you want to use it, do a 24hr test because you don't want to break out. Jan 23,  · So, long story short, don't use Nair and then pee because you will set your vagina on fire and spend the day icing your crotch instead of sitting on the beach.
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