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  • 05.06.2010
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Fun things to do with penis

If you thought a penis was solely meant for sex and urination, you've got it all wrong. Curious to know what weird things men do with their penises? It's all fun and games until an erection decides to ram the most sensitive. That's like asking what are some fun, non-summer things to do in July. Pull your dick out from your zipper turn your pockets inside out and pretend to be an. 25 Things You Can Do With An Erect Penis Besides Hanging A Towel On “ Come up with new and fun ways to simulate the touch of a female. Sep 17,  · But if you want the penis to be part of the fun, here are several ways to play with a soft penis. Stuffing. As the name suggests, stuffing refers to inserting a soft or flaccid penis into the vagina. In order to do this, you literally have to stuff it in there (gently of course). Some people, on both ends, find this a unique and pleasurable. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis. Sensitivity, pleasure, size, and other surprising facts. You could do it just for fun. 6. There's More to the Penis Than Meets the EyeAuthor: Martin Downs, MPH. Sep 30,  · 23 Things Everyone With A Penis Needs To Know. Consider this the owner's manual you never knew you needed. Penis size varies A LOT, and it has nothing to do .
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