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  • 09.01.2010
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Effects of bullying on adults

bullying behaviours among secondary schools in Tanzania. .. What are the impacts of bullying behaviour among students in secondary. But most studies on the effects of bullying focus on the childhood Pure bullies did not show problems with emotional functioning as adults. Still considered a rite of passage by some, research is now attempting to understand why victims of childhood bullying are at risk of poorer outcomes in adulthood, not only for psychological health, but also physical health, cognitive functioning and quality of life. Long-term effects of bullying for the bully. Without proper treatment, bullying behavior is likely to continue into adulthood. • Risk of spousal or child abuse • Risk of antisocial behavior • Substance abuse • Less likely to be educated or employed. Childhood bullying has serious effects on both short and long-term health of children. Jun 25,  · The physical and emotional effects of bullying may include: higher risk of depression and anxiety. increased feelings of sadness and loneliness. changes in sleep patterns. changes in eating patterns. loss of interest in activities. increased thoughts of suicide. more health complaints. Effects of Bullying: Implications into Adulthood. The very act of bullying is a dangerous one for both parties. Bullying produces strong feelings of fear, shame, embarrassment and guilt in the victim. Bullies use threats to keep their victims quiet, in exactly the same way that abusers (including child sex abusers) silence their targets.
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