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When is vaginal discharge normal

WebMD explains vaginal discharge -- when it's normal and when it's not. What is "normal" vaginal discharge? Everything you need to know, from color ( brown, white, yellow, pink, clear, gray) to consistency (watery. Vaginal discharge raises common questions for women, including what's normal and what's not. Justine Burris, CNM, MSN, UnityPoint Health, talks in-depth. “Normal” vaginal discharge looks and feels different for many women. Most of the time, you have nothing to worry about, because your vaginal discharge is normal. However, there are certain types that are abnormal and could be a sign of an infection. Dear Mushy, While vaginal discharge can sometimes be cloudy, your understanding of what's normal needn't be! Discharge is common to all folks with vaginas, and it helps vaginas stay healthy by regularly flushing them out and maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina. Normal vaginal discharge is clear, white, or off-white. The consistency can range from milky to clumpy, and odor typically mild to non-existent. [1] The majority of the discharge pools in the deepest portion of the vagina (the posterior fornix) [2] and exits the body over the course of a day with the force of beanporno.infolty: Gynecology.
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