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  • 13.04.2010
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I saw my dads penis

At the time my penis was half a cm soft and 1 cm hard. The next time I saw my Dad's dick was about a year later. I came home from school with. It all began at the rec center today. My dad and I went up there together to workout and go swimming. We worked out for about forty minutes. I SAW MY DADS PENIS!!! amberlynn reid beanporno.info (where you can ask me anything you want anonymously): beanporno.info My progression of memories of seeing my dad naked 4 year old me: "*has a fit because my mom and dad are trying to get me to take a shower for the first time and I don't like showers, but my mom says "get in and take a shower with dad, he'll shield you from some of . Mar 30,  · I was sleeping when my dad entered the room and he woke me up saying, "Hey son! looks like someone is already awake huh? you should hide that big tool of yours, come take your breakfast". I heard him say that and shocked when I saw my " dick exposed out of my boxers. I'm 14 and I'm really beanporno.infoers: 2. My Dad fed me every hard inch of his dick. My pussy had him in a tight grip and I could feel my muscles contracting around his swollen member. My Dad must have given me his cock for a good hour or more. I lost control of my urges and I sprayed my Dad's cock with my juices. It must have startled him as my Dad pulled out momentarily.
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