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How to sell breast milk online

Post an ad and help babies get Only The Breast. Buy, sell or donate breast milk with our discreet classifieds system. Want to donate breast milk to a fellow. Selling breast milk sounds strange, but for some women, it's a solid way for You may have come across online listings for people who want to. While it might seem weird at first, once you get past the shock factor of selling your own breast milk, you'll probably realize it's a great idea for. Sep 27,  · And that’s how to sell breast milk and where to sell it. Selling or donating breast milk are both options for mothers who are overproducing. Donations of breast milk are accepted in person or, depending on the milk bank, via the mail, at locations across the country. For those looking to make some money, breast milk can be sold online. May 09,  · If you’d have to choose only one place to sell breast milk online, go to Only the Breast, a classified ad website catering to breast milk buyers, sellers and donors. The cool thing about this website is that breast milk is categorized based on age, mom’s diet, freshness, for Author: Steve Razinski. Sep 22,  · Selling breast milk sounds strange, but for some women, it’s a solid way for them to get some extra cash from their excess milk. Help other moms who can’t nurse their babies and make some money – it’s a win-win! Find out how.
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