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  • 04.02.2010
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How to simulate having sex

Since your question was about simulating sexual intercourse, we need to go a bit deeper How can you make male masturbation feel like you are having sex?. Yet, simulating sexual scenes is often done without expertise and often in very How the Ways We Simulate Sex on Screen Are Evolving They mostly keep their clothes on while having sex, which seems silly and breaks. BAH GOD I'VE DONE IT! found a way to simulate sex that is as good or even better than real sex. Men have been doing that for years. Aug 04,  · I know this is a weird question but my hormones are kicking in and I feel like I need to know how to do this. Im a 13 year old male and I want to know if there is a way to simulate sex with a woman without actually having sex with a girl. I do want to have sex badly but i feel this is the only way for now to fulfill my needStatus: Open. Jun 08,  · It depends, of course if you are male or female, more specifically whether you want to simulate a penis or a vagina. The most common device, for both sexes is to use your own hands with saliva as a lubricant. There are many benefits to this appr. Dec 11,  · Make your hand into a very loose fist. Stick your penis in between it then move the hand up and down (this simulates a vagina) while watching the sex video.
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