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  • 24.04.2010
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Got my head shaved

We think the first two lines (after the woo-hoos, of course) are, "Got my head shaved by a jamochay." What is a jamochay anyway? Is this some. Settings Volume Fullscreen. Learn More. Wooooo hoooo! Wooooo hoooo! Wooooo hoooo! Wooooo hoooo! I got my head checked. By a jumbo jet. It wasn't easy. Woohoo! / Woohoo! / I got my head checked / By a jumbo jet / It wasn't easy / But nothing is, no / (Woohoo!) When I feel heavy metal / (Woohoo!) And I'm pins. Feb 09,  · Finally hit the 50 mark, let's get tell everyone to subscribe! I got my head shaved By Edward Mojay. The Real Lyrics: I got my head checked By a jumbo jet. The Story: I sung this lyric in our band for about a year, when the lead singer of Blur (who was at our gig in a small pub in Sydney one Saturday night while they were on tour here) came up to me after the set and corrected me - funny thing was he told. Mar 13,  · I head me head shave woo hoo .. I finally had it done oh ya I had it done . over coming my fear and being crazy enough to upload the video as well.
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