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What sex is caster semenya

The sex test results were never published officially, but claims about Semenya having an intersex trait. Semenya, a year-old South African runner, said she was unable to a number of “biologically male athletes with female gender identities.”. Sports are segregated by sex. But what happens when athletes don't fit neatly into sport's definition of gender?. Somehow the Associated Press, Reuters, NY Times, NPR, Washington Post, and BBC all failed to tell you a very key fact about Caster Semenya - she has XY chromosomes. Since the mainstream media's. Aug 20,  · Semenya was barred from competition and subjected to sex tests. She returned months later, but the insensitivity shown toward her was sad. Caster Semenya is Author: Jeré Longman. Aug 21,  · This must be an awful time for Caster Semenya, brought up as a girl and a woman, but now facing the possibility of being told she may not be who .
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