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  • 03.05.2010
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Jane addams lesbian

Jane Addams (–) is a Chicago icon. almost until her death, with other women, in long-term relationships that we would describe as lesbian today.”. Such questions, long intriguing to Addams scholars, have now reached Hull House in the form of the new "Was Jane Addams a Lesbian?. Jane Addams spent a good portion of her time with other lesbians or women who would most likely identify as lesbians today. Even later in her. May 07,  · Jane Addams was the first American woman to win a Nobel Prize, as the Peace Prize laureate in She was also a woman who saw herself as married - not just 'as good as' - to another woman. In fact, she wrote as much - clear as day. In Author: Amanda Civitello. Nobel Peace Prize-winning social worker Jane Addams was never a housewife and was tight with a woman named Mary Rozet Smith. Does that mean she was a lesbian. Jane Addams was never married. the Humanitarian and social-worker (par excellance!) was, let us face the facts a Lesbian.
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